(FSCG on June 22, 2018)

Who Are We?

The Full Sound Chamber Group consists of five musicians forming a string quintet of 2 violins, a viola, cello, and double-bass, performing in the central Ohio area since 2010. Our repertoire consists mainly of music from the 1700s-1900s, and hymns.  We have performed for hundreds of different venues and events over the years.  Would you like a string quintet for a wedding or event? Contact us, and we’ll get back with you as soon as we can.

The Improved String Quartet

The Full Sound Chamber Group comprises of a standard string quartet (two violins, viola, and cello) with the addition of a double-bass.  Apart from making a much more versatile ensemble, it gains a richer and deeper sound. Additionally, most musicians can also play the piano, which also enables us to perform music for almost any combination of strings and piano.
With five players, the ensemble is known as a string quintet, which also opens the door to the relatively infrequently heard string quintet repertoire. Most major composers wrote at several string quintets, providing a large source of repertoire.  In addition, we have arranged thousands of pages of music for string quintet.